The Investment Assessment is Out Now!

Here is the link to purchase The Investment Assessment on Amazon, with free 2 day shipping for prime users!

After months writing, editing, and rewriting I have finally released my first published book. This book started out as just a simple idea to compile all of the notes I have written on investing through classes, lectures, seminars, readings, online research, self-education, and my own experiences. As I started writing I realized that I could save people hours if not days of time by organizing essential basic through intermediate investing information into one guide. (more…)

Underemployment: Public vs. Private Sector Solutions

Even though unemployment is at 4.5%, underemployment is a growing issue in our economy today. There are two prevalent views from economists on how to deal with this problem. The first solution is that the government should intervene and make the public sector hire more employees. Other economists instead favor the idea that the private sector should instead create more jobs in the future. (more…)