I found this book online last summer while researching Elon Musk. I read through the description and instantly purchased it. No book has ever captivated me like this one has. This biography is extremely well written and for those who aren’t aware, Elon Musk is a serial entrepreneur, billionaire, visionary and is revolutionizing our world today. He is credited with bringing forth the likes of PayPal, Solar City, Telsa and SpaceX just to name a few. He is an incredibly busy man, so he historically doesn’t communicate with the press very often.

That is what makes this book so unique, author Ashlee Vance wrote this book with Musk’s insight and includes even more insight from his family, friends and employees. In fact, Vance interviewed more than 300 people and spent over two years compiling the information in this book. This book has everything you want to know about Musk from how he deals with his businesses, competition and governments to his personal life. As a reader you really get to experience Elon’s story and see why he is the way he is. This man breaks every barrier and standard that society has put in front of him. Before I read the book, I only thought of Elon Musk as that rich guy who makes electric cars and flies rockets.

I was wrong, he came to the United States after leaving Canada and South America before that. He built his wealth and worked endlessly to expand it. When he eventually sold PayPal, he invested all the money he made into his permanent ventures. Musk literally had to sleep at friends’ houses since he saved no money for himself. When the United State’s economy crashed in 2008, Tesla and SpaceX where hours from going bankrupt. You already know that didn’t stop Musk. The only downside’s of this book is that it is a first edition, so there a couple misquotes according to Musk and a few grammatical errors. Also, since the book was written a year ago, many great things have happened to Elon between now and then. He has been successfully selling Tesla Model Xs and has unveiled the Model 3. Musk has also successfully sent his Falcon 9 rocket into space and landed it on earth intact back in December of 2015. I would rate this 9.5/10 and would say it is an essential read for everyone. Amazon is the only place I can find that has it listed for under $20, so here is a link to purchase it. You will wish you would have read it sooner!

Notice: Kugel Financial is not compensated by the author of this book or the publishing company for this review.

Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance
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