I got this book after seeing someone I follow on Instagram posted a positive review about it. I then went on Amazon and saw all the 5 star reviews on there. This gave me rather high expectations for the book, but I soon learned it’s a letdown. I don’t like writing negative reviews, but this is necessary since I tend to believe all the positive reviews on Amazon were written by people instructed to by the author, friends of the author and bots. Anyways, this is a book about the psychology of entrepreneurship. The author explains how he believes there are three cycles to life, and only a few humans will experience all three. Each cycle is essentially a step towards enlightenment and being a part of something bigger than yourself.

Now, all of the author’s ideas are thought out, but they are disorganized and jumbled which takes away from what he is trying to say. Plus, it is obvious he purposely beats around the bush just for the sake of making the book seem longer than what it should have been. The book also discusses events from the author’s life, but it says “you do” instead of “I did” which is very confusing. Although the ideas that he presents are reasonable, he spends too much time talking about himself and his guru entrepreneurship program than he does about those ideas. He is obviously trying to lure the readers of his book into his program. What bothers me the most is that the book has been in print for 3 years now and all the graphics are still blurry. The book’s publishing company, that the author owns, must have never heard of 300dpi.

Another negative component of the book is the author himself. The author’s Instagram is currently @icreatemillionaires and if you go under the comments on any of his photos you see him acting childish towards anyone who disagrees with his views. His unprofessional demeanor completely makes the ideas in his book void. Which is contrary to some of the themes of the book, which is to be open-minded to other people and understanding of their situation. I actually tried reaching out and talking to him about his immature social media behavior, but instead of reading what I said, he basically told me that I didn’t understand his book and that he doesn’t care about his behavior.

I rate this book a 5/10. The ideas in the book aren’t half bad and they are the only thing keeping me from rating it a 0.5, but the way they are presented ruins them. Hopefully, the author will one day lower his egocentric attitude and rewrite the book. There is just too much wasted potential to rate this book any higher than a 5. I am not even going to provide a link to the book because I honestly believe it is not worth the time and money to buy and read the book.

Third Circle Theory by Pejman Ghadimi
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